The high quality of our products origins from craftsmanship and superior knowledge of materials that was passed on by generations since 1985. Our items are designed in The Netherlands and crafted in our privately owned factories in Turkey and Asia.

Our ambitious design and production teams apply their extensive knowledge to new designs every season again. For our collections, we use a broad range of leather, shearling and wool qualities that give it their diverse character. All our items are made from high quality materials that are made for you to enjoy season after season.

Unique to our industry is that we control two-thirds of our production process, as the factory that our items are made in is our own. In this way, we can ensure the working conditions and well-being of our staff. We solely use leather and shearling that are by-products from the meat industry, and all factories and leather tanneries in our supply chain are adjoined by the Leather Working Group (LWG).